How it Works

COVID-19 Biomarkers Science & Research

Our Safe2Work solution leverages ongoing scientific research on biomarkers linked to early detection of COVID-19 infection.

CRP levels begin to rise as inflammation takes hold
Heart rate variability drops in response to inflammation
Temperature rises as immune system responds
Heart rate rises as immune system comes under stress
O2 levels drop and respiration rate rises to compensate

Simple User Flow for Testing

Replace costly and inefficient manual processes with an automated, data-driven compliance framework providing real-time reporting and actionable insights.

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Prompt | Daily User Reminders & Instructions


Input Information in the SenSights App based on your daily health status

Screen | Fast & Easy Real-time process

 Smartphone Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Thermal Camera


Leverage computer vision technology and integrated medical devices to perform quick screening

Monitor | Real-time Dashboards, Reports & Alerts

Maintain & monitor health records regularly and establish infection risk score.

Determine whether your employees can come Safe2Work!

Action | Identify, Isolate, Test & Follow Up

Based on the infection risk level, take necessary steps and action to fight the virus and prevent onward infection within your care teams.